Medium Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair

Medium Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair

If you have a thick straight hair and want to style it with some great hairstyles, I will give you what you want. You can look stylish with all of these. So, I won’t make you wait. See all of these and try it.

Hairstyles for thick straight hair

New heights

This is fun style and full of lift and separation. You can make a high volume and texture with this. To wear this, you can start with spray your whole hair with texturizing spray, especially at the roots. Then use your fingers to tousle hair and blow-dry your hair at the same time. To create volume in the crown, you can use air stream at the root of your hair. A medium shine texturizing paste can be a good choice to add the definition on your hair.

Simply sweet

With warm vanilla blonde tones and light cinnamon, this style will give you the right flavor. Begin by distributing the amount of volumizing mousse on your hair. You have to focus on the root area. Blow your hair and use your finger until it 70 percent dry. You can use a round brush at the next step and start from the neck and blow your hair. Then turn the brush from root to tips. Make sure you lift the brush to create volume of your hair. Then you flip the side fringe in front of the ears. The next is to dry the fringe from the forehead then continue pushing to one side. Light hold hairspray will finish it.

Retro rebel

With a strong and soft makeup, you can make this style look great. Use a styling mousse to your hair. Use a round brush and blow your hair until about 70 percent. Then you use a barrel curling iron to curl ends of your hair. You have to sweep fringe to the side after it. You can finish it by using a light spritz of shine spray.

Texture blast

You can blast some texture into the geometric glamour if you wear this style. For your thick straight hair, this is so good to try. You can add some body movement when you use this in your day. Spray your hair by using texture spray. Use a paddle brush to blow your hair and then use the wrap technique on your fringe. To create a random texture, you can shake fingers through ends of your hair. A buildable hold hairspray can finish it for the perfect amount of power.

Curly bob

This sultry bob will look sensational with the dark and deep chestnut color. The function of curls is to bring out the shine and versatility of this style. If you like this style, you can start from spray your damp or dry hair slightly by using a heat setting spray. Then you have to roll your hair to make it curly. Let it until it is cool. Then unwind hair from rollers and tousle it by using your fingers. A flexible hold hairspray will finish it for you.