3 Top Short Women Hairstyles 2019

3 Top Short Women Hairstyles 2019

Who said that women with short hair is absolutely bad?. That’s a bad opinion ever seen. Actually, all women with whatever types of hairs have same opportunity to look beautiful. It just depends on how you style your hair, whether it makes you look cute and tidier or not. Short women hairstyles are softer and so lightweight. This hairstyle is really suitable for those who are always active to do anything on busy activity, especially for sport women. But over the time, short women hairstyles can be applied to feminine women or even intend to appear elegant impression. Well, here are some short women hairstyles to try.

Layered Style

Layered Style is the first short women hairstyle to try. It isn’t too crucial to shape and even being inexpensive enough. The layered hairstyle can be applied for those with short-medium hair and can be styled with dye as color as you would like. It looks so well in women at any age. In the other hand, the lengths of the hair layers can be varied or at least can combine of the medium, choppy and also short. This hairstyle is so simple and easy to maintain.

Pixie Style

The next short women hairstyle called ‘pixie’. It is easy to manage, with the short hairstyle, you will look simple and elegant. Also, it is designed to frame your face, it can be laid flat or spiked. Look so perfect for the warm condition and make it simply to wash and go. Pixie not always appears tomboy impression, even it can be more valuable and more elegant when it is combined with perfect makeup.

Bob Hairstyle

Bob is the last short women hairstyles to try. It is categorized as the romantic hairstyle, even can create a classic impression. It can work in women with short-medium hair. Some popular of bob hairstyles such as asymmetrical bob and inverted bob.