Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you get an invitation to a formal party, but you are still confused about the hairstyle so I can say you need to read this. There are some formal hairstyles that make you look elegance and high-class. You can get the amazing hairstyles that are perfect for your formal party.

Formal hairstyles

Soft and romantic

This style can make you look flawless and effortless. With rich red colored long hair updo, this style is so sophisticated. Prep your hair by using some volumizing and styling products. Next, blow-dry your hair with a large round brush. Then curl your hair by using hot rollers, and remember to do not curl past the middle of your head. Then secure it and wait until it completely cool. You have to make it smooth with a flat iron on your bangs in front. Remove your hot rollers and use your fingers to pull through the curls. I will give you a tip that it is better to use root boosting powder in the top before you start to backcomb more. Then continue backcomb the top, crown and back. Then smooth over the top towards the back. Use bobby pin at the smoothed part. After that, spread your curls and start pinning them into the shape you want. A strong hold hairspray can finish your style.

Messy side pony

If you have a natural curly hair, you must be creative and style it. You can get some great hairstyles from your curly hair, even for the special event. Create your style flowing all to one side, and you can look cohesive. Prepare your damp hair and apply your favorite styling product. Then use a blow dryer to diffuse it. You have to use a diffuser on whole your hair. Remember, you can make your fuzzy if you do too much movement. You must create extra lift on top to make your hair greater by using a volumizing product before finishing the blow dry in the roots of your hair. Use a clip to secure it after you use a brush to sweep your hair to one side. Now, you can get the perfect style for your natural curl.

Sexy updo

This style is a fabulous look with a bundle of curls that piled not-too-high. You have to watch out and be careful about the colors. With the right choice, you can create more dimensions in your hairstyle. First set dry your hair in the hot rollers and let it cool. After that, you can use your fingers to break them up. Add your hair with volume by backcombing over the top to back part. Then prepare your bobby pins. The next step is to smooth the front, sides and top toward the back. Twist your hair and use bobby pins to secure it. Do not let your curls fall to the back by pinning a few of the curls. A medium hold hairspray can finish this fabulous style.