Precaution While Bleaching Your Hair – Risks and Dangers

Precaution While Bleaching Your Hair – Risks and Dangers

The first precaution which you need to take care of while dyeing or bleaching your hair is to avoid pressure build up in the bottle you are using. This can be achieved by not leaving the dye of splat lightening bleach for a duration that is more than two minutes. This could lead to pressure build-up and an explosion may happen. Explosions will stain both you and the area around where you have been using the dye. This is the main reason why you are required to get rid of the applicator or nozzle from the bottle the moment you have finished using the dye. You are also advised to rinse the bottle before you can dispose of it.

Secondly, in the splat hair dye kit you have purchased, you will get the timing for both the hair dye and bleach. Ensure that you follow the timing as closely as possible. It is better not to exceed the time show

Splat Hair Dye Colors on the chart even if you want to get great results.  Checking should be done at ten minutes intervals so as to avoid any possibilities of hair damages. For most people, over processing their hair damages it especially those who have thin hair.

To check, remove the dye on a small strand of your hair using a damp towel or paper. You can then make a comparison with what you have in the splat hair dye chart. Remember that the processing time that you have to adhere to is highly depended on your hair type. People who have hair that is very resistant could take over an hour for their hair to be fully processed while those who have thin or weak hair, they could take a shorter time.  However, one of the simple indicators that is going to tell you that your hair has been well processed is when you notice the color of your hair is red blonde.

For people who want to get extreme colors that are vibrant, they will have to bleach their hair until it is extremely light pale blonde. If you happen to have darker hair, you might be force to re-bleach your hair again for the second time. This should be done only if your hair is strong enough so as to avoid it being damaged.

For people who have processed their hair using metallic dyes, they should not use the splat lightening bleach as it is going to reach with these metallic based dyes and cause some hair damages.

Once you are through with bleaching your hair, it will be ready for coloring. You also need to know the splat hair dye coloring directions to be able to do it successfully.