Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Several prom hairstyles for long hair

You are going to prom night but still confuse with your hairstyles? I can say you come to the right place. This post will give you some amazing prom hairstyles that can make you look perfect at your party. You can choose any kind of these hairstyles to depend on your desire. All of these will make you comfortable and enjoy your night.

Fun flirtatious updo

If you want to show off your fabulous hair without hiding anything from it, this is a great style for you. After you blow drying hair, create spiral curls on the back and in the sides by using a medium-sized curling iron. Pin ends up underneath in the back, it can useful for more of a bob shape. Before you finish it with a light spray of firm hold hairspray, try to run a low temp flat iron through bangs. The function is to smooth your hair without killing the volume of your hair.

Pop prince

This style is a perfect hairstyle that make you look amazing with the ultra slicked black hair into a high pony. First, you have to smooth straightened hair into a high ponytail and then wrap a strand of hair around the binder, it can disguise it. You divide the ponytail into several sections by separating it. Smooth a section around the edge of your hand with a comb, and it is placed in wherever you like. Use a bobby pin to secure it and continue to the next section till finish. When it is done, go back over the pins and use bobby pin to create an X shape to lock them. A firm-hold shine hairspray can finish this style.

Sexy updo

A bundle of curls is fabulous look especially if it is piled not too high. One thing you must remember is careful with the colors you choose, because that is one important thing to create a dimension in your style. First, set your dry hair in hot rollers and let cool. After remove the rollers, use your fingers to break them up. To add volume, you can add backcombing through the top, crown and back part of your hair. Then use the bobby pins. The top, front and sides can be smoothed toward the back then loosely twist hair up the back. Use the bobby pins to secure the twist. A medium hold hairspray can finish this great style.

Sweet and sassy updo

Full bangs will give you more of a mysterious look, chocolate brown hair with caramel streaks will look sweet and saucy at the same time. It means you will great with this style! If you want to look amazing, let’s dry your hair. After it, use a medium barrel curling iron and create curls in the back of your hair. Put them in the backcombing up the back center as well as the crown and top of your hair. The next step is to smooth the top. You can start in the center back, pinning the curls up by using the hair from the sides, bottom and top last. After use a flat iron, a medium to firm hold hairspray will finish it.