Splat Hair Dye Allergy Test

Splat Hair Dye Allergy Test

Having successfully chosen the splat hair coloring or dye which you like, you do not just start using it. You need to ensure that you are not going to suffer from any adverse reactions popularly known as allergies to the various splat hair dye ingredients. There are some people who have reported some allergic reaction but the number is very small. To be on the safe side, it is good that you do an allergy test

Why do you require and allergy test

Allergy tests are very important and you will see all the splat hair dye kits advising you to do it. Some of the splat hair dye ingredients have been found to irritate some people’s skin especially those who have skins that are very sensitive. In addition to that, some people will have a sensation that is burning. Other people will have their skin becoming red. You do not want to experience all this pain thus just carry out an allergy test.

For those who would like to dye their eyebrows and eyelashes, even if the have done the allergy test ant they ended up being successful, the parts should not be dyed using splat hair dye. Though in very rare cases, splat hair dye has been found to cause blindness or increase the chances of being blind when used on the eyebrows and eyelashes. The blindness has been noted to have a higher prevalence for people who are allergic to these dyes. How it happens is very simple. When people who are allergic use this dye, they end suffering from extreme allergic reaction such as severe inflammations which may lead to blindness. This is though very rare.

Having known the possible splat hair dye risks that may occur you many be wondering how could I conduct a splat hair dye test and is it expensive.

How to Do a Splat Hair Dye Allergy Test

To be sure that you are not allergic to splat hair dye and you stand no risk, you have to conduct the splat allergic test. To do it, clean a small area of your skin behind or ear or in your inner arm using either alcohol or soap and water. Once any of this area has been cleaned, you need to then wait for it to dry completely before you can apply the dye and wait for 24 hours. During the 24 hour period you applied the dye, you should not if you had any discomfort on your skin. This will help you know if you are allergic or not.

After the 24 hours have elapsed, wash the area wash the area gently using soap and water. Observe if the skin turns read or you have any irritations of whatever kind. If you notice any skin changes or reaction, you should avoid using splat hair dye. However, if you do not have any of the above-mentioned signs of allergic reaction, you could go ahead and use splat hair dye.

A word of precaution is that some people only carry out the allergic the first time and when they realize that they are not allergic, they do not do the subsequent tests. Splat hair dye allergic test should be done every time you intend to use the dye or coloring. If you have tested negative for the splat hair dye test, you need to know how to use splat hair dye.