Stereotypes in the barber profession

Stereotypes in the barber profession

Everyone has ever heard or encountered something like this. We do not pretend to be the debunkers of myths, but it’s worth talking about it! If you are barber, you need to check mystraightener’s clipper comparison.

1 stereotype – a girl cannot be a barber.

And before she could not be a pilot, a doctor, vote. Times are changing, and if at the beginning of the emergence of the industry in Russia, girls-barbers were really looked askance at, now this is practically nowhere to be found. 

Sometimes the demand for girls-barbers is even higher: they are interested in a special category of men who come not only for a haircut. Passing such a chair, you can hear “tell me, that’s how a woman is …”. 

A lot of girls simply retrain from a wagon master to a barber – in pursuit of a change of environment and habitual rhythm, self-improvement, and of course, from the side of income – after all, working in barbershops is often more profitable, because the industry is developing very strongly and the barbershop is that place where there is always a solvent audience. 

Therefore, there have been no problems with this stereotype in Russia for a long time – girls-barbers are revered as well as men, girls-barbers calmly teach and work on streams, because the main thing is professionalism, skills and experience. 

2 stereotype – all barbers wear tattoos.

The vast majority of barbers are young people. About a dozen years ago, the fashion for tattoos came to Russia. Then it was customary to make them, with some fierce periodicity. Of course, they went with tattoos before the “boom”, but the fashion for this came relatively recently. No one, becoming a barber, runs to a tattoo parlor to write their body up and down. Although, I must admit, there is still a certain trend – a lot of barbers who have been trained and embarked on this path like to stuff scissors and other elements of the staff, so they emphasize the choice of their path and belonging to a certain social class. 

3 stereotype – it’s expensive in a barbershop.

Indeed, in most barbershops the price tag is very different from the usual “Violet” barbershop near the house. But the service is also higher there, and the masters took specialized, expensive courses, spending a huge amount of time and effort on this. Here you need to understand what you are willing to pay for and what you are not. 

Many men are content with the same haircut for many years, shave with a disposable (yeah, of course a disposable) machine in the morning and, in principle, do not see the point in turning their attention to facial skin care, or changing shampoo, even if dandruff has already become not a problem, but an element of clothing decoration. Please, it’s everyone’s business. 

Other men follow not only the trends and fashion for haircuts, and change them once a season, but also the skin of the face, the condition of the beard, nails. Fortunately, a man watching himself is no longer shameful (although earlier, of course, you could hear a bunch of stinging jokes if you mentioned a face mask). 

Having a haircut in an ordinary hairdressing salon is great and the chance that you simply will not be able to repeat the desired haircut, because the universal master will not have experience in how to crop, fade, and further down the list. And most likely, they even have a dim idea of ​​what it is. 
In the barbershop, each master has a special set of skills aimed specifically at men. A hairstyle, the creation of which includes working with the type of face, features of the structure of the skull? Yes exactly. Personalized beard styling to highlight your strengths and hide flaws? Of course! Advise how and how to style a haircut and a beard at home, and even buy cosmetics with you? Yes. You will find all this in barbershops. 

And if you take all this into account, then it turns out not expensive, but honestly. After all, they no longer go to a barbershop just to get a haircut, but for a harmonious way – like in a closed men’s club with all the amenities and excellent service. 

Yes, most barbershops have made a bias towards the premium segment, while in the West – a barbershop is a place where ordinary hard workers go on their way home, and there is always enough money for a haircut. No, of course, there are barbershops with exclusive cosmetics and expensive repairs and equipment, but the origins have a completely different story. 

However, if you spend a little more time searching, then you will come across many barbershops that do not pay high fees for services, but are still in demand, because in such places they can sacrifice the atmosphere and expensive decor, but not the professionalism of the masters and the quality of cosmetics.