The Prettiest Hairstyles for Long Hair

The Prettiest Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles for long hair

These are the prettiest hairstyles for you who have long hair. These styles are easy, you can get your latest and perfect styles and it won’t take more than 25 minutes. If you want to get a good look so you have to see the tips below.

Simple braid

Braids are one of the most favorite hairstyles. With simple braid, you can look stylish, cute, amazing and beautiful. This style will be greater for you that have an extreme long hair and you can start from a simple braid. I recommend you to try this. You should make an experiment with braids and get new experience. I can tell you this is one of the best hairstyles for long hair you must try.

French braid

If you search for one of the best hairstyles so this is the answer. There is no braid quite as good as the humble French braid. The French braid is easy to use, so you can make it on your own long hair. You can add a ribbon into your braid if you feel bored of a regular style. Add some accessories to get a new variation for your own style.

Perky said pony

If you think that your long hair might be too heavy for a bouncy and high pony so you are almost wrong. It is not a reason to sad about it, because still there is a tip. Try to sweep your hair back into a side ponytail then secure it with a rubber band, the top part is teased so you can get the pony to pouf. To make it more perfect, you can use some hairspray. Ponytails are good way for your long hair, because it can make you prettier and cuter.

Boho braid

You come to the right place if you want some great hairstyles for long hair. This is a creative way to show off your long hair. For the first, you take a small size of your hair from your temple and braid it in a neat braid. The next step is flip it to the other side and use a pin to make it secure. You can repeat the process and you will get a cute headband.

Flirty ponytail

If you want the easy hairstyle for your long hair this is a great way. You can make this without spend your precious time. You just need to take a teasing comb and to get some lift you have to tease your roots around the crown before you pull your hair back. With a paddle brush, you do not lose the lift by combing over it gently. You can use a flexible-hold spray to fluff up the length of your ponytail then you can use this style on your day.

Waterfall braid

You can have a great hairstyle with this braid. You just to learn it at the start but you can make it only 10 minutes or less when you have mastered it. First, you have to make a French braid then drop the right strands when you are done with the left section and let them go down. In the dropped part’s place you have to make a new hair section also on the left side. Then do braid the three sections, drop the right side and continue by wrapping the waterfall braid to your back head. You must finish it with a usual braid and add with an elastic.